Hi, We're REPLI

Pronounced, re·ply

REPLI is a full-service tech company that provides custom software solutions to multifamily organizations while also offering on-demand marketing services handled by our in-house agency team. Essentially a one-stop shop for multifamily marketing.

What We Do

  • We Listen.

    Our team has 15 years of combined Multifamily industry experience - ranging from investments, marketing, and operations. But that doesn’t mean we know it all. Every company and organization operates differently, which is why we listen first and suggest second. We’re not here to sell you things you don’t need. We’re here to listen, learn, and help your business with custom software you will actually use and value.

  • We Innovate.

    Innovation to us doesn’t mean using the newest software with all the bells and whistles. Our definition of innovation is a product, service, or practice that is unique to our industry, creates a competitive advantage, can yield further innovations, and provides more value than anything else in the market.

    Together, with our customers - we listen, we analyze, and we strive to innovate new ideas and products that make things easier for your company and residents.

  • We Integrate.

    We understand that each company has their pref-erence when it comes to the property manage-ment software they use, and how tough it can be to switch from one system to the next. That’s why we focus heavily on integration and developing solutions that can seamlessly integrate into what you are currently using. We believe in expand-ing and maximizing your current software while bringing it all together under one platform that makes things easy and intuitive.

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Our Team

Corbin Wrights
Founder & CEO
Michael Estep
Director of Operations
Reed Hicks
Executive Assistant to CEO
Kailyn Lander
Manager, Digital Marketing
Katy Tayonekeo
Jr. Project Manager, Digital Marketing
Siobhan Park
Digital Marketing Specialist
Eliana Jojoa Portilla
Digital Marketing Specialist
Blake Wrights-Lehman
Regional Support Specialist
Paul Cunningham
Creative Director, Video & Photography

We're Always Looking for Great People

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